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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the questions we most frequently hear. Performance mods, best exhaust, and so on. Let us know if we missed anything!

What are the best free performance mods?

Most WR owners like to start by removing the airbox flapper, the ais system, and the exup emissions system. These quick and dirty mods will definitely give your bike a bit more spunk, and shouldn’t take more than an hour!

What are the best tires for the WR250R?

The Pirelli MT21 front tire and Dunlop D606 rear tire are generally regarded as the best all around dual sport tire setup.

What is the difference between the WR250R and WR250X?

The bikes are almost identical, except for the wheels and tires, and a few other minor parts. Read the full article on the differences here.

What are the best tires for the WR250X?

The Avon Distanzia tires (front and rear) set is a great street focused dual sport tire for the WR250X. It definitely gets the job done offroad, while still manaing to be plenty sticky on the street.

What is the best exhaust package?

The FMF Q4 exhaust paired with the FMF Megabomb header will give you the best performance package and sound upgrade for your money.

Are there any common issues I should worry about?

Not particularly. The 2008 model does have a known issue with the fuel pump, which you may need to replace at some point.