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WR250R to WR250X Conversion Guide

Converting between the WR250R and the WR250X is a fairly straightforward process. Other than the wheels and tires, the differences between the bikes (read more) are minimal. If you are looking to install aftermarket supermoto wheels such as the set from Warp 9, you might be able to skip some of the notes below.

One of the primary differences to note other than the wheel size is the front brake assembly. The front caliper and rotor are bigger on the X model (R rotor is 250mm, X rotor is 298mm), along with the hub size (X hub inside diameter of 132mm, R hub inside diameter of 118mm). The X model also has an extra caliper bracket which bolts to the fork. You can see the differences between the two brake assemblys in these diagrams.

WR250R Assembly
WR250X Assembly
Notice: If you are using Warp 9 supermoto wheels, the front wheel comes with a 240mm rotor instead of the standard WR250X 298mm rotor, so it will fit the stock WR250R caliper assembly.

Overall, you have a few options to handle the rotor size difference when using OEM WR250X wheels

  1. Buy the WR250X caliper assembly, and swap it with the current assembly when you change wheels. This will require you to bleed the front brakes every time you swap.
  2. Same as above, except get a second front brake lever and brake line, so you can swap the entire thing out when you change wheels.
  3. Buy an EBC 250mm rotor so you can continue to use the existing caliper assembly with the X wheels. (If someone could confirm this works without a new bracket, that would be great)

Once you’ve sorted out your new wheels and brake rotor sizing, you’ll notice that the R model kickstand is a bit too long and the bike doesn’t lean over quite as much as it used to. This isn’t a required change, but I was more comfortable one the bike was leaning over further and had less of a chance of getting knocked the other way. The WR250R kickstand is 13.5” long (part # 3D7-27311-01-00), and the WR250X kickstand is 12” long (part # 3D7-27311-11-00). I ordered a new kickstand and was ready to go, but have heard stories of other people cutting and extending / shortening their kickstands.

Now get out and enjoy your new supermoto!

Helpful Torque Specs
Part Name Newton Meters Foot-Pounds Qty
Front Wheel Axle Nut63 Nm46 ft lb1
Front Axle Pinch Bolts23 Nm17 ft lb4
Front Rotor Bolts (WR250R)12 Nm8.7 ft lb6
Front Rotor Bolts (WR250X)23 Nm17 ft lb6
Front Caliper Bolts23 Nm17 ft lb2
Front Caliper Support Bolts17 Nm12 ft lb2
Rear Wheel Axle Nut125 Nm90 ft lb1
Rear Rotor Bolts12 Nm8.7 ft lb6
Chain Locknut Bolts16 Nm12 ft lb2